A Better Future Starts At Queens International

11 Sun Flower Street, East Legon.

P. O. CT 2944, Accra, Ghana - West Africa.


We believe that each child is unique and that our tasks as educators is to flourish, grow and exploit his or her talents to their fullest.
We believe that all members of the school, children, parents and non-teaching staff are important and that all should be shown consideration and respect.
We believe that everyone can be successful and that praise is essential, NEVER CONDEMN.
We believe that discipline and a sense of purpose is essential in every field of endeavor. That means we should have clear guidelines to help all of our children become self-disciplined and self-motivated.
We believe that children should be offered opportunities to have responsibilities and to work cooperatively with others.
We believe that there is a spark of the divine in everyone and that we should offer our children opportunities to reflect upon moral and spiritual issues and to formulate a set of principles to guide them throughout their lives.
We welcome children from all religious backgrounds or none. Our practices are mainly Roman Catholic based.
We believe that all conflicts can be resolved peacefully.
We believe that we should encourage members of the school to let their lives speak for them; to ensure that their actions reflect well upon them and the school; to endeavor to act always with consideration and thought for the needs of others, be fair and hardworking in school and in the wider community.


Queen’s is a community with a common purpose: to enable children to become well-educated and principled young people through their experience of this educational environment. Our aim is to allow each member of the school to grow and develop his or her talent without hindrance.

Each person in this community (old/new) is asked to participate actively and fully in making life at Queen’s a success for everyone (Adults and children). The views of members of the school, both adult and children, are taken into account in formulating school regulations. A community like ours depends on mutual support.

If at any time you feel that you have been treated unfairly, discuss the matter privately rather than argue. Think about how you treat others.

By simply saying ‘hello’, or ‘good morning’ or accompanying requests with ‘please’, ‘thank you’, and “sorry” if your deeds cause displeasure, you can very easily help to maintain the positive atmosphere at Queen’s


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